You stand, shining and light, in the new time

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,

Hang on and know that all that you are seeing in yourself and others is really a gift to bring you to greater choice. Let the mind define, judge and project if it will … but stand to one side and say, “isn’t that interesting.” You are still You, the one that wants to offer only love. The one that is letting go of all the old programs and limited beliefs so that you stand, shining and light, in the new time.

Yes, the new time! Riding your timeline to a higher vibration, you will find joy awaits you. Keep feeding your Soul all that uplifts, movement, dance, beauty, friendship, gratitude. When the density of time now gives you so many challenges, give yourself the balance of solitude, the depth of prayer, the remembrance that you came to do this….and you are doing this. Beautifully!

It may not seem so but you are the change that you know must come, one choice at a time. And you are doing it beautifully, lifting the veil in one generation from separation to Oneness.

We Bless you in this.”

Feb 26 2013