Your constant decision of what YOU will create

divine grace angel readings  “Beloved Ones,
It is the truth now that all is well. Can you really believe that? If there is no “other” to define as making it “not well at all”.   Be the “others” those of politics, medicine, corporations…all those others called They! Would not a lot of your mind and thoughts be cleared up and free for creation if you simply eliminated the They.

We say that all is well and there is no other, no They. So free your time and energy for yourself now. You know what we speak is your own highest truth.

The totality of Humanity as an expression of consciousness…right here as YOU in this very physical world — is moving and awakening. Let go of duality and you will find that you yourself become congruent. Discernment does not require judgement but only your constant decision of what YOU will create. Live your free will in trust.

We bless you in this.”

July 24 2013